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To My Best Friend by Rosa

To My Best Friend by Rosa

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·Jan 31, 2022·

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“Goodbye.” I said brightly before hanging up.
I wish I had the strength to speak, before we were forced to hold our peace.
Time passed and clock still ticks. Your heart yearns for another, but mine is still learning to beat half as fast as it did.
Maybe I'll be able to learn the way you made me feel.
Maybe I'll be able to accept that I won't be able to treat you in the way I'd anticipated.
Maybe I truly had no chance to be the first thing on your mind when you wake up,
Or the last before you fall into a deep slumber.
Maybe it was all a dream that I would be the one greeting you, “good morning, lovely”
or, the one to kiss your troubles away, and the one to protect you like my life depended on it.
Maybe I’ll be able to accept that your smile, bright as sunshine, isn’t for me or those cheeks that slightly reddens on the most subtle touches.
Maybe I’ll be able to say the words “I pine for you... I love you.”
But it was all a dream.
I am not the one you long for.
I am not the one you adore.
I don’t deserve you and It’s impossible to win you, so I had to move on.
It took me quite some time to realize that not everything in life has a happy ending. I blamed it all on the timing. But then I discovered that there is no such thing as bad timing.
You were simply not made for me. You were meant to get away, and you were never meant to stay.
You were out of my grasp,
But my love still remains, and my heart still beats for you.
I have to accept that I’m just your best friend
Assisting you, and cheering you on.
Time to time, I hoped those dreams were true.
Foolish me still thinks about you.

“Goodbye...” I said for the last time, finally letting go of ‘me and you’.

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