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Rusty by Jeanine Revaula

Rusty by Jeanine Revaula

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·Jan 31, 2022·

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There is no any other loyal dog like Rusty,
He may be clumsy, but he is indeed
trustworthy, He plays all day and behaves properly,
He also follows master’s orders daily!

He barks at the neighbors all day,
“Woof woof,” he angrily say,
The people ignored him, to his dismay,
Poor Rusty, he just sat there and pray.

His master gambles, and drink,
But Rusty, surely can’t think,
He tolerates his acts and idolize him forever,
Of course, he is a dog, he will still follow his patron master.

The other dogs warned him, that his master is an abuser,
But Rusty did not listen, he just laughed louder,
He didn’t care, he don’t believe everyone,
He only trusts his owner, and listens to no one.

Rusty’s master killed a cat once,
Then, the dog witnessed it, with a brief glance,
He teared up as he believed that his master was nice,
He never knew that his master is a wolf but uses a sheep as a disguise.

Surprisingly, Rusty acted nothing happened,
He wagged his tail when he saw his master with his eyes,
And no, he did not want to pretend,
For he is still blinded by his master’s fruitful lies.

Oh to have a dog like Rusty!
So loyal and surely trustworthy,
He deserves all the bones and other treats,
He must have chicken for dinner and a whole bunch of meat.

Oh, but don’t be like Rusty!
Don’t tolerate someone who acts fishy,
Don’t follow someone who is foolish and a liar,
Regain your dignity and ignite the fire!


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