Likhang Lapiscian 2023: LPSci's Arts Club kicks off School-Based Art Fair and Exhibit

Likhang Lapiscian 2023: LPSci's Arts Club kicks off School-Based Art Fair and Exhibit

by Regel Kent Aggabao

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What would it be for the world to exist without art? The common answer would be that a.) it would become lifeless, and b.) everything might just crumble. Art is a foundation of the larger society, serving as a medium of expression and creativity in a world overrun by monotony.

Igor Babailov argues that art is an international language, understood by all. His argument encapsulates that art exists for the people, and by the people. So, several LPSci students have risen to the challenge to showcase their talents in this year’s LPSCI Arts Club’s Likhang Lapiscian Art Exhibit and Fair.

The LPSci Arts Club’s Likhang Lapiscian Art Exhibit and Fair will kick off Tuesday, February 21, 2023, at the LPSci Grounds. Several artworks from different artists across the school will be displayed inside the Junior High School Waiting Shed, near the Villar Building.

Meanwhile, artists from Grades 7 to 11, along with other Arts Club officers, will also sell their artworks and merchandise from February 21, 2023, to February 23, 2023. The artists will display their artwork in booths set up outside the School Auditorium in the Aguilar Building of the campus.

Common merchandise to be sold includes stickers, prints, and if you’re feeling a little bit extra - commissions. However, some artists have also decided to sell unique items like hand-painted bags (Pia Alamazan - Grade 7), paper flowers (Alex - Grade 7), live photo booth (Bwan Lila - Grade 9), memo pads and deco top loaders (Candy Club - Grade 12), and button pins (Ayamrice - Grade 9).

The artists are expected to upload their catalog of products on their social media accounts. Some artists are also going to collaborate.

The lists of artists participating in the art fair, along with their showcasing dates, are the following:

Day 1 (Feb 21) - Grades 7&8

Artists who will collaborate:
Pia Almazan _, ircdren (keychains, jewelry, handpainted bags, crocheted goods)
Alex, Meiowth (stickers, paper flowers)
Lucklessworld, Choffee (stickers, art prints)
gweuio, Sofie (stickers, keychains, commissions, airdry clay figures)
Getsu, Creside Gutierez (paintings, stickers, commissions, portraits, sketches
Yanna, flowinghues (paintings, stickers, commissions, keychains, art prints)
Achee, Zapphire (stickers, bookmarks)
eggcheddar_, Kuzu (stickers, art prints, commissions)

Individual Artists:
fia :) (stickers, art prints, crocheted goods)
Descended One (art prints, commissions)
yineo (live drawings/commissions)
Lucina Romanov (paintings, stickers)
Reinami (stickers, art prints)

Day 2 (Feb 22) - Grade 9&10

Artists who will collaborate:
Bwan Lila, mittens, Shania (photobooth, keychains, crocheted goods, stickers, drawings)
Ellie/Choco._coffee, nyx/ange (stickers, keychains, art prints, commissions)
yana/@kondensadas, auplin_/pauline (stickers, art prints, bracelets,)

Individual Artists:
ashley santos (stickers, art prints)
Angela Lorraine (earrings, bracelets)
Yen Tanio (paintings, crocheted goods, hand-painted bookmarks)
chez (keychains
Aean (stickers)
mixkylenikiforov (commissions)
ayamirice (button pins)
Artem (stickers, art prints)
Fab (commissions)
cielyon (art prints, commissions)
Arrichuro (stickers, key chains, art prints, commissions)

Day 3 (Feb 23) - Grades 11&12

Artists who will collaborate:
Rena (tokio.rena), Kuneho (paintings, stickers, art prints)
nrkcard, eline (stickers, keychains, art prints)
kiemonroll, clairochet (crocheted goods, commissions)

Individual Artists:
shibsav (stickers, art prints)
Jopay (stickers, art prints, poster)
Candy Club (stickers, keychains, art prints, memo pad and deco toploader)
cheemscake (crocheted goods, commissions)
honeykat (stickers)
konbini ! (stickers)
Jeanine Revaula (stickers, art prints, commissions)
WUKWU (paintings, stickers, art prints, commissions)
noebuddy (stickers, art prints, bookmarks, teks)
meowlon (stickers, prints, digital wallpaper)
strawgellie (stickers, prints, keychains)
amamakeart (stickers, watercolor bookmarks, watercolor bookmark commissions)
silemone (stickers, pins)
sonnyshine (stickers, prints)