Lapiscian Alumni Collaborates With The CCP On An Upcoming Mobile Game On Philippine Culture

Lapiscian Alumni Collaborates With The CCP On An Upcoming Mobile Game On Philippine Culture

19-year-old developer Audrey Stinson aims to reignite the wonder audiences experience on field trips

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MANILA – Last June 28, the Cultural Center of the Philippines announced the grant winners for their innovative grants in comics, animation, and gaming. Through this program, the CCP hopes to stimulate the local creative economy by providing financial, technological, and educational support to local creatives. One of the winners under the independent category for video games is Audrey Stinson, alumni of Las Piñas Science National High School and director of the upcoming mobile game, Galà.

She graduated senior high school this June 2022 and is an incoming freshman in college. Her experience as a Lapiscian student will always stay with her, even beyond graduation, she says.

“After 2 years of online learning, I wanted my last semester to be special,” Audrey shares. “I had an advisor–Ms. Bernante–whose subject revolved around research. She allowed us to make our reflection about any topic we were interested in, whether that was anime, kpop, or, in my case, video games.”

Audrey used this opportunity to create an original video game that summarized her experience in high school. Her journey in high school was presented in an interactive format with a spaceship containing her face alongside the text. Afterwards, the spaceship blasts off towards the unknown which, much like real life, is unexpected and full of surprises.

Entering LPSCI 6 years ago, Audrey had high expectations: “Right from the start, when you hear ‘LPSCI,’ you already know that the students there are smart and talented. Still, I did not expect to be so inspired by my classmates and schoolmates. ”

While she started off reserved, the encouraging environment guided her to try new things.

“In the beginning, I would just admire them from the back. However, I slowly started to come out of my shell.” Her newfound confidence helped her take part in extracurricular activities like chess and performing the piano for school performances.

“I became more ambitious in making my dreams come true, despite any potential challenges I could face,” she concludes. “This 2022, I am ready to take on two new challenges—starting college and creating an independent video game.”

Free-to-play mobile game Galà takes you and a group of students (NPCs) on field trips to visit and experience the different regions of the Philippines. Once you arrive in a region, you will have to combine your students’ ideas to form a cultural discovery like the kubing or the legend of the Bakunawa.

Galà is the first commercial project of Filipino indie game developer kendikorp. The game is still in its initial stages of development, but kendikorp invites everyone to support the game upon its release.

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