Democracy by Sencilla

Democracy by Sencilla

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Merriam Webster Dictionary defines democracy as a system that allows everyone to be treated equally, regardless of their identity which ranges to one’s race, sexuality, religion, etc. Furthermore, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights also declared the essential elements of democracy. It includes the people’s freedom of expression which means each one of us has the liberty to show sentiments, perspectives, and opinions about any subjects that concern us. We also have equal access of power; no one is more powerful neither left behind as we are all provided the equal rights in society. We can participate in political parties and organizations to be an advocate for the common good inside our country. Moreover, we also have the ability to hold free and fair elections with universal suffrage. Most of all, we have the right to have the transparency inside our government without the taint of corruption and unfairness.

However, the advantages presented by the democracy are also condemned due to its incitement of disrespectful acts inside a state or country. Many people are also questioning democracy giving ignorant people and opportunists the power which is said to be dangerous because of them wrongfully utilizing it based only on biases and prejudices, rather for the sake of the common good.

On the other hand, we, people, can hinder these issues through helping in improving the educational system in the Philippines. In fact, one of the reasons of some incorrect decisions is because of many people having insufficient knowledge and awareness. Everyone must be given the opportunity to finish studies as in that way people can improve their ability to distinguish facts from false claims. After all, it is still in the hands of every individual whether we spread or prevent and stop misinformation.

In conclusion, democracy has its advantages and disadvantages but it is not necessarily the worst system to prevail in a country. In fact, democracy gave us, citizens, so much; so much that maybe without it, we may not able to have what we have today, including our rights to stand for ourselves.